Champion Dorset Ewe
High placing ewe at multiple jackpots in western Kansas
Shown by: Natalie Ingram
Shaved Ice x Amyx
Champion Dorset wether multiple jackpots
Shown by Trey Newby
Shaved Ice x Ebert 2020
Reserve Overall Mkt Lamb
Columbus Jackpot KS
Shaved Ice x Wheatie  
Champion Dorset
Douglas County KS
Shown by: Truth Pope
Shaved Ice x Slack
Reserve Lightweight Montgomery County Fair
Shaved Ice x Wheatie
Shown by: Dexter Small
2019 Craig County Oklahoma
Champion Dorset and 5th overall Lamb
Shown by: Myka Blalock
Big Foot x Stardust
Other notable winners

2016  OYE
Reserve Champion Dorset.
Heads up son x Turner

2015  OYE
Reserve Champion Dorset
Time to Shine x Grand (Dam of "Fergus" (Sidwell Buck)
Reserve Overall White Face Division.
and Champion Dorset at KJLS in KS
Ice Chest x Cayman
Shown by Sam Davis
2015 Champion Overall Whiteface
Ice Chest x Meyer (OH)
Shown by Jackson Newby
2015 Grand Ewe Labette County Fair
Ice Chest
Res Dorset NC State Fair  2014
2015 Champion Dorset
Miami County Fair
Dillon McNickle Res AOB Heads Up  2014
Hillsboro Jackpot
Res Dorset  Ewe
Kansas State Fair 2014
Shown by Dillon Mcnickle
Sam Davis Champ AOB Heads Up
Hillsboro Jackpot 2014
Reserve Open Breeding Show Ewe
2014 Fort Worth
Res Champion Dorset OYE 2013
Great job!Kristen Shephard
Champ Dorset breeding Ewe
2013 San Antonio Tx
Boyd Kitchens
2012 Champ Dorset KJLS
Logan Allen
Canyon x Duke
2012 Champ Dorset Tulsa Ok St Fair
shown by Alli Siler Canyon x Duke
Champ Dorset Jr Breeding Ewe
thank you Terry Locklar Family
Cayman x Grand
2011 Kansas State Fair
Supreme Breeding Ewe
Expresso x Grand
2010 Res Speckle Mkt Lamb
Cayman x 4-Runner
Shown by Chance Hultgren
2010 Grand dorset wether
shown by Maddie Mason
Cayman x Polar Express
2010 Res Supreme Breeding Ewe
Cayman x Polar Express
2010 Res Grand dorset wether NAILE
shown by Emily Horvath

Cayman x Grand
2009 Tulsa State Fair Champion Speckle
Sired by Cayman
Showed by Ashley Rhoads
Raised by Ott Club lambs
2010 Sandusky Cty.Ohio Supreme Breeding ewe
shown by Kevin Hoppes
Cayman x Grand
2009 Champ Speckle Co St Fair
Sired by Cayman
Great job Ray Horvath
2010 Champion Speckle OYE
 Sired by Cayman
Raised by Ott Club Lambs
2009 Champ Dorset Tulsa
Cayman x Ebert
Shown by Olivia Mason
2009 Champ Dorset Co St Fair
Sired by Cayman
Great job Kerri Horvath
Champion Speckle mkt lamb
Cayman x Hotshot
Congrats Tyler Leete
Iowa Grand Finale 
2009 Champion Dorset Breeding Ewe
Ks State fair and Res overall
Cayman x Martin
2009 Black and White Champ Ram
Cayman x Ebert
2009 Res breeding Ewe Johnson County
Shown by Taylor Harrison
Cayman x Envoy
2008 Champ Dorset Mkt Lamb
Kansas State Fair Grand x Polar Express
2009 Midwest Champ Ram
Trifecta purchased by Daniels, McQuinley,
and Marla Piper
Cayman x Grand
2008 KJLS 5th Overall Lamb and Grand Speckle,
Grand Speckle Kansas State fair
Focus x Polar Express
2008 Supreme Breeding Ewe
Grand Duke x Stardust
Supreme Champion Reg. Breeding Ewe
2007 Ks St Fair
Grand x Erickson
Champion Dorset Ram
2007 Midwest Stud Ram Sale
Grand Duke - Purchased by Stardust
Sired by: Grand
Champion Dorset Ewe
2007 Midwest Stud Ram Sale
Sired by: Grand
Champion Dorset Ewe
2007 Black & White
Sired by: Grand
Res. Grand Champion Dorset
2006 Midwest Ram Sale
Purchased by: Larry Lowe
Sired by: Polar Express
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