Multiple Jackpot winner Florida.
Tilt x 68 Woodshed
Grand Overall Mkt Lamb
Nowata County OK
Dozer x Roc a Feller
Shown by: Buck Family
Reserve Overall Mkt Lamb
Nowata County OK
Crazy George x Allstar
Shown by: Buck Family
2018 3rd Overall Lamb KJLS
Royal x Score
Shown by: Dillon Mcnickle 
Champion Suffolk Tulsa State Fair
Royal x Allstar
Shown by: Cheyenne Hale 
2nd in Class KJLS
Royal x Allstar 
Shown by: Dexter Small
2018 Class Winner KS State Fair
Lone Star x Gas Monkey 
2018 Reserve Grand Ewe Bourbon Cnty KS
Tilt x Wheatie
Shown by Danielle Nading
Cibola County Grand Champion Lamb NM
Wheatie x Hide & Watch
Shown by Branum Family
2018 Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe
Coffeyville Interstate Fair and Rodeo
Lone Star x Spath
2018 Reserve Grand wether dam
Interstate Fair and Rodeo
Grand wether dam Labette County
Curtain Call x Long Shot
2018 Grand Wether Dam
Interstate Fair and Rodeo
and Montgomery County Fair
Tilt x Gas Monkey
Shown by Dexter Small
2018 Reserve Overall Tri-State Royal
Wilson County Grand Overall
Dozer x Roc a Feller
Shown by Hayes Cobb
2018 Grand Overall Ewe
Wilson County Fair KS
Wheatie x Interstate
Shown by Hayes Cobb
2018 Reserve Overall
Wilson County Fair KS
Royal x Allstar
Shown by John Newland
2018 Grand Overall
Chautauqua County Kansas
Dozer x Gladiator
Shown by Ashley Kunath
2018 Reserve Overall
Chautauqua County KS
Crazy George x Wheatie
Shown by Emily Kunath
2018 Champion Hamp
Labette County Fair KS
Royal x Allstar
2017 Cross Class Winner
KS State Fair
Allstar x Interstate
2018 3rd High Selling Individual
Oklahoma Corporation Sale
Lone Star x Allstar
2017 Reserve Grand Overall
Labette County Fair KS
Hide & Watch x Score
2017 Grand Ewe Inter State Fair
Class winner Kansas State Fair
Wheatie x Long Shot
2017 Reserve County Fair Champion
Hide & Watch x Allstar
2017 Reserve Division 1
Kansas Junior Livestock Show
Wheatie x Allstar
Shown by Dillon Mcnickle
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor
2017 Reserve Grand Market Lamb
Ringgold County Iowa
Dozer x Interstate
2017 Grand Overall Ewe
Ringgold County Iowa
Hide & Watch x Allstar
2016 Champion Natural
Allstar x Clyde
2016 Grand Overall
Interstate Fair and Rodeo KS
Allstar x Interstate
Image may contain: 2 people, including Caitlyn Carnahan, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
2016 Reserve Grand Overall
Interstate Fair and Rodeo KS
All Star x Interstate
2016 Grand Mkt Lamb
Labette County Fair KS
Allstar x Clyde
2016 Class winner Kansas State Fair
Score x Allstar
2015 Grand Overall Lamb Interstate Fair and Rodeo
Score x Longshot
Shown by Erin Falkenstein
All breed champions at the 2015 Interstate Fair and Rodeo were raised and sold on by Hewlett Farms.
Sired by Allstar and Score
2016 Reserve Division 2
Whether Dam KJLS
Wheatie x Allstar
Reserve Divsion 4 KJLS
Allstar x Interstate
Reserve Grand Lamb Overall Coffeyville Inter-State Fair and Rodeo
Allstar x Interstate
shown by Katlyn Carnahan
5th Overall Lamb KJLS, Class winner at Kansas State Fair
Interstate x Tank
Shown by: Dillon Mcnickle

Grand or Reserver Overall at 3 Ks Jackpot Shows, Class Winner KJLS
Shown by Sam Davis
Grand Ewe kjls 2014
Allstar x Larry
Shown by Dillon McNickle
Res Grand Suffolk Kansas State Fair
Allstar x Interstate
Res Grand Ewe KJLS
Allstar x Interstate
Res Cross Interstate fair
Allstar x Just Right
shown by Katlyn Carnahan
Grand ewe Labette County Fair
Allstar x Longshot
Res Hamp Interstate fair
Allstar x Interstate
Champion Cross KJLS by Sherman

Grand Interstate fair by Treasure
Res Grand Labette Cty by Sherman
Erin Falkenstien
Grand Mkt shown by Katlyn Carnahan
Grand Ewe Labette Cty by Sherman
Cross Class winner by Sherman
Class winner KJLS by Turnpike
Grand Ewe Lamb Hillsboro Jackpot Ks
Sherman x Interstate
Champion Natural Hillsboro ks
Lonshot x Interstate
Great job Dillion McNickle
Champion cross Hillsboro ks
Longshot x Interstate Dillion McNickle
Grand Lamb Hillsboro Jackpot Ks
Longshot x Tank
2012 Grand Mkt KJLS
Larry x Interstate
2012 Res Div II Aksarben
Longshot x Interstate
2012 Res Natural Ks St Fair
Longshot x Wallstreet

2012 Champ Suffolk Ks St Fair Dillon McNickle
Lonshot x Wallstreet
2012 Hillsboro Grand Lamb Lonshot x Reno
2012 Grand Inter St Fair
Even up x Cartel
Supreme wether dam 2011 Interstate
Fair & Rodeo shown by Katlyn Carnahan
Interstate x Just right
Res Grand Wether Dam 2011  
Kansas State Fair
Tank x Supreme
2011 Grand Champoin Mkt Lamb
KJLS Interstate x Wallstreet
2012 Class Winner Mo St Fair Danielle Funk
Larry x Just Right
Res Grand Market lamb 2011 Interstate
Fair & Rodeo shown by Dillon McNickle
Longshot x Interstate
Grand Mkt Lamb Labette Cty Fair
Shown by Dillion McNickle
Tank x Supreme
Res Champion lamb Hillsboro 2011
Longshot x Tko
2011 4th overall mkt lamb
Interstate x Wallstreet
2010 Res Suffolk Mkt Lamb
4-Runner x Wallstreet
2010 Grand Iola Spring Classic
2010 Res Grand Topeka spring show
4 Runner x Snap shot
2010 Grand Interstate Fair & Rodeo
4 Runner x Tko
2010 Grand Champion Wether Dam
Bred by Larry Despain by 22

2009 Champ Speckle Co St Fair by Cayman
Great job Ray Horvath

Grand Champion 09 KJLS by 4 Runner
Shown by Taylor Harrison

2009 Div I Res Champ 125 lbs by 4 Runner

2009 Ks State Fair Res Champion Hamp
Interstate x Just Right

2009 Ks State Fair Champion Suffolk
Interstate x Focus

Champion Speckle mkt lamb
Cayman x Hotshot
Congrats Tyler Leete
Iowa Grand Finale

2009 Grand Northwest Dist. Ark by Olympus
shown by Zack Kendrick

2009 Res Grand
Interstate Fair & Rodeo
Interstate x Wallstreet

Collinsville Tri Cty Fair
Great job Bryce Hauenstein
4-Runner x Wallstreet

2009 Labette County Grand
Interstate x Refuge
Shown by Dillon McNickle

2008 Champ Speckle Ks St Fair and KJLS
Focus x Polar Express

2008 Purple Div IV Morgan Simpson
Reno x Focus

2008 Res Div I --by Focus

2008 Res Div II - by Supreme

2007 Div I Champion
Sired by Just Right

2007 Div II Res Champion
Sired by Just Right

Grand Ch. Market Lamb 2006
Day 1 Sunflower Classic
Champion Hamp Days 1 & 2
Sired by: Focus

Class winner Div III 2007 Aksarben
Sired by Just Right
Shown by Regan Kays

Reserve Ch. Natural Colored Ram
06' Black & White
Purchased by Drew Jordan
Sired by: Wallstreet

Champion and Res 3 Times 2007
Shown by Zach Kendrick
Sired by Just Right